Dune grass is available to plant!

Dune grass is now available through the Public Works Department Monday through Friday 7 am to 1 pm. Please contact their office to arrange a pick-up at 609-492-2525. Pick up can also be done at 815 N. Atlantic Ave. at anytime.

Please plant your street end dunes.

Successful planting instructions:

Plant on west side of dune

Plant each culm 6-8 inches deep so just 4-5 inches are left sticking out

2 plants per hole (not three or four)

NO straight rows. MUST BE STAGGERED

Push sand around plants after it is planted to hold it in for winter wind

We have a lot of grass. we need planters!

For everyone worried about beach replenishment, grass can grow through even a meter deep of sand. PLANT NOW and it will help PROTECT US!